building jump

i made these sweet buildings in photoshop and i decided that i really wanted to use them in an after effects projects. the end.

golden axe revisited

this was the very first shot that i actually worked on using after effects - it was for a student film called 'the golden axe' (now that it's no longer being worked on i would like to get something off my chest: i hate the name. 'the golden axe'... really? we couldn't do better than that? no me gusta.) anyway - it was the opening/establishing shot of the film - there were going to be some matte paintings and all sorts of nifty little artistic things with flavor that were going to make this movie cool. somewhere along the lines, the vision got lost - and therefore the movie lost momentum because it was no longer cool nor fun and blah. dead. anyway - i wanted to revisit that original shot that i could never really get down because of lack of knowledge (the first one i did, i didn't know you could animate a camera and i used position keyframes to make everything fly past the camera... it was sketch.) i feel i pretty much could go back and do that shot in about an hour as opposed to the original 10 or 11 hours i did the first time. i kinda played with the '300 effect' while crossing the bridge: the stupid little boy on the bridge is a place holder for the animated boy. also, i would probably change the timing as we approach the mountain so that it's not so fast. i sufficiently proved to myself though that i could easily do that shot if i were asked now which is nice because that means i have taught myself something. go team.

t-rex run

i wanted to mimic a paper cut-out type animation so i went on google and found this sweet picture of a t-rex and basically cut all of his extremities off and made them their own each layer and then animated the thing using the rotations/positions with each one: it was a nice little project because i learned about parenting expressions to each other... i was gonna make him shoot a giant laser beam out of his mouth but it looked really really weird - so it's just him roaring. but... without sounds...


baby franco

when i was in california i accompanied stephanie for a day of babysitting - there was this cute kid named franco (he fits the name perfectly): while he was bouncing around in his little door frame kid bouncer thing i made a quick doodle of him


these are some waiter designs that i was playing around with - this wasn't for anything specific, i was just bored and ran with it

sketches from may and june

these are various sketches that i did throughout may and june: i didn't really make a lot of time to draw: instead of posting tons of individual pictures, i just combined them into a composition

the original image is rather large if you want to see individual pictures better so give it a click if you want to check it out