robot tests

doing some tests for an upcoming project. these are .png's exported into AE and made into this faux3D - which i think is pretty cool considering the fact that they are flat flat flat


robo test

i'm doing some tests for a project that i am collaborating on with some friends - i still need to do the hand of the robot and the chick in it but it's a start - and the whole thing is just a test so i may not get around to actually doing it


aug reel

i finally got around to getting the rest of the goods onto the end july reel - i wanted to get some 3D work in there including some dynamics / mental ray things i have been going over in maya

visual resume

i also have a traditional paper version but i hear these one's are all the new rage. call now and not only will i include the traditional resume - but call within the next twenty seconds and i'll include this limited edition signed resume!!


LA Dodgers

i'm doing some work for the LA Dodgers - hopefully it turns into some more work. this is the thought process i had - basically it took about two days to get my thoughts together. the first draft - i liked the style but not the movement so much. the second draft - i liked the movement but not the style. the third one - i combined the style of the first and the movement of the second and i'm pretty pleased with it (test 2)