for anthony

yes. for you anthony. giraffro loves you too!

and apparently the internet no likey 'HEX: #FF4D00'



hi. i'm a cool ward directory.

hi. i'm boring.

you know the drill. new semester time. new directory time. so i had a little bit of spare time and wanted to make a cool ward directory... apparently mine was too cool. they remade it. no hard feelings - i really don't get upset over this kinda stuff, but really?! come on. mine was SO much cooler AND it was functional. my version is horizontal so the people that actually have to use it can put it in their binders... ingenious. i think i am going to print off 4 or 5 copies of mine and leave them laying around for a few cool people get. supply vs demand theory. (i removed all personal info of the people for these images. did you notice how they changed my picture?! my cookie monster one is so much cooler.)

what a fun sexy time for you

remember that time that i used to doodle all the time? me too. tender. here are some little portraits of people that i've done while eating out or sitting in meetings... my favorite is 'dirty pop' i don't know why, it just is.