may 2007 sketches

i posted a bunch... keen observation. no? i filled up a few sketch books but didn't get around to scanning them till may: therefore they are classified as may sketches... keen observation. no?

jan 2007 sketches

sketches from jan.2007

dec.2006 sketches

these are some sketches from december 2006


ryan's girls

ryan had his girls come into class to pose - they were livin' it up

ninja (is greater than sign) samurai


rose storyboard

this was another storyboard that i was working on about 3 girls who want to know the origins of their names - i fancy the idea of using a lower opacity within the frame to show things that happened in the past

olives storyboard

for a storyboard project i used the joke about two olives that trying to escape from being eaten...

but one of them goes flying off the edge of the table that they are on and falls really far towards the ground...

and the olive that didn't fall off the table looks down and yells to his buddy to see if he's alright...

and the olive that fell responds, "olive."

so these are just a few of the drawings that i whipped up for the storyboard - i like the idea of having the faces of the characters interacting on the sides of the frames: i basically only do it when there is some sort of dramatic dialogue in which the audience would like to see the reactions of the characters

concept mother

this is a concept piece that i did for a movie that we are working on - i put it on a textured background to give it more of a finished feel