new look edits

i travelled home for the holidays and was concerned about not being able to keep up on my work - for a graduation present / christmas / best son ever gift, my parents got me one of those new fancy macbook pro's with all the fancy software i needed... i have been able to update / finesse my final film and get it looking sharp for some festivals... there are two scenes which incorporate the 3d character which were not fitting in with the overall look of the film - so i been gone done learned myself some toonshaders in maya and played around a bunch with different looks in AE. here's what i got so far. the edits are gonna look real sharp animated!


for fun

this was nice to do. i sat down to draw for kicks with nothing in mind - just letting the pen do the work: it's more fun when i don't have any attachment / project / specific goal for it...



here are some shots of the modeled character (designed by kory hubbell / modeled by jake black / rigged by levi harrison) - i stuck it in a quick pose and threw some lights on it. i am trying to decide if we want small pupils or zombie eyes...



all my time has been eaten up by my senior BFA project. these are just a few screenshots and concept pieces for the film... i wanted to do a project that touched on lots of different parts of animation: live action, effects, 2D, 3D, motion design, etc. i have a great team working on this with me.


cosmo waves

i have been super busy - but i have tons of stuff to post. this is a taste of what i have been working on.


new hobby

i have always been fascinated with grunge art that uses light streaks. i wanted to try and mimic that with my camera.

i think i found a new hobby. so did my little brother: he took the pictures of me.


photoshoot with jeremy.

my aunt let me borrow a camera: jeremy and i went and had a party in the park. he still had to do his assignment for class so i modeled. go team.



i am enrolled in a photography class. once a week we have to turn in an assignment meeting specific criteria: this set is for the ones that are due this week


napkin doodles

i went out this evening with some friends to see another friend play at a small cafe - while she was performing i was doodling on a napkin. i was gonna bring my sketchbook but i didn't want to appear too anti-social. although i suppose someone drawing on a napkin looks more so...

posters and logo concept

here are some posters for a concert that shaun barrowes is doing and i was working on a logo for a little bit - but i got super busy working on my senior film project before finishing up the project.