so i was playing around with making movement match up to sound waves... i had this cool little kanye clip and i couldn't help but think about how much more bad 'A' beast would be if he could crump. maybe i should give him a little do-rag (yes. that is how you spell it)


my buddy travis van hoff is playing some shows up in salt lake and the surrounding areas during the next couple of months and he wanted a design for a shirt - he released a cd called 'travis van hoff unplugged' and so he wanted an unplugged tv for the design... i thought i was pretty clever for turning the 'D' into the plug. get it???

lion and the mouse

i did a large majority of the background shadows for this film for the duration of the past year or so... i did a little bit of rotoscoping which pretty much reaffirmed to me that i don't want to do 2D animation. ever.


i'm pretty much loving after effects at this point in my life: i'm eating up anything and everything i can get my hands on... sadly, there aren't many classes here at BYU that actually teach this program (there's only 1)



this is a page that i am working on with some buddies to put in a compilation comic book thing for comicon... it's about a giraffe with a fro - hence the name giraffro.