i'm bored

my roomie has a girl over and i've been exiled into my office for the evening. i'm bored.


'kites' cloud effects

these are some clips that i have been working on for the BYU animated film, 'kites'

i included the original reference shot and also the shot after i had put in the cloud effects that i created in after effects (these clips are at a lower frame rate to keep the file size down)


documentary 'nebulas'

i have been working on a documentary with BYU: there is a scene where we enter the creative genius of the subject of the documentary... basically the shot was described as a blobby nebula where energy travels into it and then out. not a lot to work with, but i like a good challenge... this one wasn't quite the direction that they were looking for. if you ask me, it was too cool. the following are tests that i have been working on lately... we went from 'blobby nebulas' to 'mixing colors of cake batter in a swirl' - this is what i came up with [the spins are a little fast, but they're tests]


free time

so i have been busy doing all sorts of projects and haven't had a lot of free time to do my own stuff... today i went to the park because the weather was too nice not to go and i did some drawing and then painted it up on photoshop...


cd release poster

these are some poster/banner pieces that i designed for shaun barrowes

and apparently the reds that i chose for the lettering are too bad A for blogger to handle...