giraffro KRUMP

this is my final project for 3D this semester... i wanted to spend most of my time on actually animating as opposed to modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, blah blah blah - i had a lot of fun, i think that if i had a better rig to animate with i would have been a lot less frustrated and couldn't taken this to a whole new level - but seeing that i basically had to teach myself everything and we had a month to work on the project, i'm pretty impressed with myself. i did everything in maya.

i animated about 9 different little scenes and then put down 2 or 3 cameras for each of them - i rendered them out and using my best friend AFTER EFFECTS, i composited them all together into one congruent dance.

i lost a little bit of patience waiting for giraffro's hair to render - one scene without hair took about 30 seconds, and with hair it took about a half hour: i've been told that i need to learn how to model hair that doesn't take forever to render. makes sense if you ask me... i'll get around to it sooner or later. i included at the very end a shot of giraffro rendered with hair to show how cool he looks. most likely with the extra time over the summer i will clean up this piece and render it out with hair.

my original project is hi-def... but for blogger i shrunk it down to a web video size so i could post it (the animation is a little harder to see but cool nonetheless)


storyboards 2

these are some more boards that i have been working on - i'm trying to play around with different styles: i dunno if that's working out so well... but i'm trying



i wanted to do a cool superhero fight scene for the storyboarding assignment in woodward's class - in my order of coolest: 1. spiderman 2. batman 3. anyone other than superman

i thought it looked better with batman completely cut out of the scene

the story isn't so clear in this one, but i like it: the monster is disguised as a toy - he's tricked lots of kids.

i continued with the monster theme - but more 20,000 leagues under the sea style: i basically created this scene around the fact that i wanted glowing eyes deep beneath the surface of the water

i just wanted to have fun and use one color while splitting the screen (and a man in half)


sneak peak

this is a little taste of my top secret final project for those who visit my site. thanks for your all support.


character design

story synopsis: beatrice is an old woman who doesn't get much social interaction. she spends some time with her cat, mr. senor whiskers which she got to fill her lonliness, but mostly she spends her time in front of the television - that is, until she was watching a channel and found her obsession... making balloon animal cats. the lack of human contact has lead her to slight insanity in which she believes all of the balloon animal cats are real. a little bit envious because beatrice spends more focus on the television and balloon animal cats than with mr. senor whiskers and in a semi-attempt to bring her back to reality - he pops the balloon animal cats but he has to be sneaky about it so he doesn't get caught. but in the mind of beatrice they are real cats - but she doesn't freak out to much because her brain somewhat recognizes that they aren't real at the same time as believing that they are... mr. senor whiskers learns by watching 'lars and the real girl' on cinemax that he needs to play along to restore her sanity and regain the attention/love of beatrice

character design characters

character design environments

donnachada daly mimic

i have been wanting to copy and learn from donnachada daly


i love his stuff. period. but i finally got some spare time and thought i would give it a shot... i don't think it came out too poorly. i may be wrong.

i liked this piece without the outline of pink... it seemed basic but still i felt there was enough information to complete all the lines by yourself


grunge art

i'm loving all of this grunge stuff that is hitting the art scene right now and thought that i would have an attempt at it...

i think this one is a bit more successful because it manages to tell a story by using a semi-abstract emotion (wow. that sounded way less metro in my head.)