birthday adventure

so two days before i my birthday i was chatting with d and she mentioned that she had some awesome horse race tickets and after the races there was a weezer concert. i had just been talking earlier in the week about how cool it would be to go to some horse races. fate? yes. she had a spare ticket. fate? yes. so i booked some flights and blah blah blah... great birthday! below are pics from the adventure

i read this sign out loud as 'oceanside harbor doctor' and was having a really hard time figuring out what it meant... dur dur durrrrr

i was really surprised how large horse tracks are... and i never knew they could move the gates. neato. i didn't bet on any horses because I HAD NO IDEA WHAT ANYTHING MEANT. d tried her best to teach me the lingo but my brain was not computing. numbers and math junk.

there were this many people in every direction at the weezer concert

my running joke was that we were actually seeing the worst wu-tang clan concert ever performed. 'cause of the 'w' and whatnot... hilarious, i know.

it took us an hour and a half just to get out of the parking lot after the weezer concert. nice.

who has the money to buy these houses?? it's insane how much i want one.

my lovely friend d with whom i stayed and celebrated the big two seven. we saw some horse races - red scare was my favorite horse. while waiting in the parking lot after the races / concert d was bugged "what the eff! i just want a dr. pepper! gooooooo!" d and i are dr pepper lovers. we also got babaganoosh. d and i are not babaganoosh lovers. she and her fam sang happy birthday to me at the OC fair with some candles in fried oreos! i almost shed a tear it was so tender.

oh hello bikini rock girl. don't mind if i do.

hi. i'm eric. can i have your sailboat if i promise not to go all charlie st cloud on it?


deep fried oreos!! my fave! we also go some deep fried kool-aid... meh.

fair rides make me nervous. this one actually makes you go backwards - i suppose it's so that if someone vomits then nobody else gets hit in the face with it... just the back of the head.

chocolate covered deep fried bacon on a stick. when in rome. and it didn't sit real well after the fact. this is jcb - a best bud from freshman year - who is married to d's cousin. family... isn't it about... time?

jcb and i conquered the wedge.

jcb and i hunted down this hole in the wall taco joint - 'el toro bravo.' it was super ghetto. that's spanish for 'super delicious.' i could only eat one taco but jcb pounded this whole thing and some flower water. hibiscus or something like that


trip = great success!


work in progress

FREE TIME! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! here's a work in progress. still quite a bit to do... i plan on having an eel wrapped around the skull. it's cool in my head. and in my quick sketch. i'll post it when i get 'er done. props for organized layers. unnamed organized layers...


part 2 - still working on the eel


finished artwork in illustrator

vinyl cut out! brilliant.