website design

so i've been playing around with a website design for this talented musician. he's gonna be big. this is basically just a backgound - all the info will appear within the boxes (hence the muted colors)


more cosmo logos

i feel best about this set of potential logos. they are more simplified and cleaner than the others as of yet. i figured it was time to cut out cosmo's face cause it was looking stoops.

grunge colors

i felt like posting this little number i used for the dress of the model in the post 'inspiration' cause every time i look at it the more and more i like it which is generally not the case with art one's made.


these are some concept logos that i did - i was provided with the basic piano key shape to work with and i ran with it: it's called musical chapters (i can't say anything else about it but it's gonna be cool.) the final one is the logo that is going to be used


100th post

for my 100th post i am publicly announcing the working title of my BFA project: 'concept'


i like shoes.

i realized something about myself today. i like shoes. i have various pairs but i like to buy more. in fact - i think i have bought a pair a month (and some months i buy two purr): i was thinking about a story about a kid that spends all day imagining about how amazing his life would be wearing the new shoes he mail ordered - imagining about being able to fly to space in them, fight aliens, cross enemy lines to save the USA!, beat julia childs in a cook off, beat up rachael ray, slam dunk the length of the court - and when the kids shoes finally arrive... he can do all of those things with his new pair of shoes (not because the shoes are magical or anything, but because new shoes are that cool.) i think it would be a lot of fun to work on a story like that - a lot of room for fun, and you think a big moral is coming at the end (material goods don't bring you happiness - but nay, oft times they do.) but it's not. the moral is... new shoe's rock.

i'm sure i'll expound on this idea more as i work out more specific ideas. i will definitely make a pic of the kid using his new shoes to propel himself into space!



so i was cruising the net and i ran across this amazing portfolio - i seriously love this kinda stuff and love to think about turning this style into animation... it'd be BRILLIANT! so i figured before i could animate something like that i would have to learn to create it using photoshop and all of that fun stuff: here is my semi-attempt at mimicking it: i mostly played around but didn't save any files, this is basically the only 'composition' that i did (i bummed the model off of google images search - props to them.)

i was playing around with the placement of the 'inc' and couldn't decide which i liked better...

check petya savova's portfolio here:




this is some green screen footage that i found on the internet - i have been trying to get my hands on some but it's surprisingly hard to come by on the internet for free... (i found it on a british magazine computer arts webpage) i guess most of the things that i'm teaching myself will be showcasing this rocker.

and i haven't put any music on these lately - so... i did. i know you all missed it. feel good compliments of the gorillaz



sorry i haven't posted in awhile - i've been busy living life as opposed to drawing it. i also have a couple free-lance projects that i am working on in which i can't post. you know the drill. i did this drawing while watching 'america's best dance crew' on mtv. like it love it gotta have it. and i just colored him up during some free time

oh yeah! i finished a cut of my demo reel - i'll obviously have a bunch of new stuff that i will have to incorporate in soon, but we'll get there when we get there: i'm going to figure out how to get the reel online so you can check it out. it's 3 gigs though... it may take me awhile to figure that out - till then, request one and i'll hook you up