yay for supporting the arts!

my sister sent me a link to this amazingly talented artist who works as an animator and illustrator out in CA. i am soon to be the proud owner of these gems. they're on tabloid sized paper which i am excited about! they'll look great framed and up with my other art

i like themed pieces. these are of some hawaiian gods. i've never actually been to hawaii - but it's on my list of things to do.

i just couldn't resist this one. so graphic designy

the problem is buying matching frames for all these. meh.


odds and ends

been off the radar for a bit here - working full time at mccann erickson on some big name clients with some fancy pants campaigns, teaching night classes in motion design at UVU, doing some freelance from time to time, and working on some personal projects (i'll be making some posts in the very near future on a new film i am working on called 'alarmie.')

life is good.

a sculpture i made awhile back of a giraffe with an afro. aka - girrafro

remember that one time my mother insisted that i take sewing classes in fifth grade in order to create a better rounded and more domesticated grown up eric? me too. did it work? debatable.

another sculpture from awhile back which my ol' roomie buddy ol' pal dubbed as 'boxer in briefs'

pesto is my drug. that is why these will be growing in my apartment with this dandy UV bulb.

running through some pics from christmas - found this little gem of dizzy taken the day before we had to put him down.



these speak to me

i feel oddly connected to this picture right now

and i love this hair style.

and for all the ladies - you're welcome...