juxt website header

this is a design that i did quite awhile back for juxt when i was working there. i just ran across it - i didn't make the text, i wish i did though: that was custom made by one of the creative directors there.


consumer vertigo

my buddy posted this on his blog. it's about how love is approached differently in this generation compared to previous ones.

"Why are you single?"

his post reminded me of an article i read a year or two back about how having too many options is killing people's abilities to be happy with the decisions they make. buyers remorse. or in tackier and more abrasive words - divorce.

"Consumer Vertigo"

i'd like to think i don't have this problem and that every single girl that i've been interested in (the past 3 years) does

mike posner

mike posner is amazing. i heard about him about 9 months ago on a mixtape hosted by dj benzi. this is a remix that posner did of one of his songs that recently has been getting some radio time (from what i hear. i'm too cool for the radio. actually - i just hate the commercials.)

this is not mike posner - this is a signal received from outer space at NASA. dj aliens. dope.


comments on comments

i love comments on my blog for the record. not on my facebook though. i had a battle awhile back with a kid. my opinion was one thing and his was another. number one: don't tell me my opinion is wrong. number two: it's my page. i write what i want.


passion pit

when passion pit's debut album came out last year - there was a promo for the first day of sales: the entire album was 4 dollars. i bought it.

this year broken bells did the same thing - 4 dollar album for the first day. and they are blowing up the charts.

i hope the trend continues - it's a clever way for bands to reward the fans who listened to them before they get huge.


utah jazz logo

so the utah jazz just announced their new colors and a secondary logo. in my opinion - the logo is not very good. i mean the concept is fine - but the execution is kinda meh. i've gone through really quick and fixed all the little things that were driving me nuts about the logo (rounded edges meeting hard edges, weird letter z's, peculiar tangents) to see what it would look like

the j is still looking a little funky where the tail meets the basketball. but i literally did this in five minutes - but you know that for the 15k that they paid (minimum), i'd gladly take 2k and make it look right.


and you thought you'd get away with it

so i thought this was tender.

and i thought this person was a dirty unoriginal thief.

i am a shameless supporter of funny cat pictures


hoodie allen ft mike posner (ft ELO)

phoenix - 1901 acoustic

phoenix - playground love air (cover)

gangstarr - work


today's list of exciting clips

aziz on 3d movies and twilight.


scott pilgrim vs the world


some new footage from the last airbender


the new pixar short before toy story 3


and now let's compare to a spoof that pokes fun at pixar's story process... pretty on target!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAST! the new harry potter trailer!!


halo: ODST ads

i ran across these old ads for halo 3: ODST. i had forgotten how amazing they are. not your usual really loud and aggressive video game commercial. these transform the game into real life

nike world cup ad vs adidas world cup ad

no doubt this ad has taken over the world. aired in over 30 countries and viewed 12 million times on youtube and an estimated 17 million times on other sites by nike. guess who makes this commercial. Wieden+Kennedy. Yep - the same people running the 'old spice' campaigns you are currently loving on tv. ( LINK TO OLD SPICE )


no idea who made this one (other than lucas film gave them sweet permission to use their original footage) for adidas but it's blowing up on the interwebs too

things from today

Sia - My Love

the twilight eclipse is out - the 'sagas' are super lame: who knows how they collected big at the MTV movie awards? i have nothing against the actors - just hollywood for doing a not great job. lesson? movies need good STORIES in order to work, you can't just hide weak sauce behind hot actors and cool effects. example: transformers 2. i digress. i like this song from the soundtrack.


Crack Negotiator

this guy's name is bill clegg - he is an agent, not a cool spy one, but one that 'takes care' of aspiring authors. this guy one day goes AWOL and bails on all his clients, they all sign right quick with other agents and go on with life. well, this dude randomly appears back in the game out of nowhere and coaxes the majority of his old clients back to him from the agents that took them in when mr clegg disappeared. it would seem that he treated his people really well when they were with him.
well, turns out - this guy had a side job while he was an agent... being a complete CRACK HEAD! while he was out of the agency game for x years he was getting his life back in order and now he's back to continue rocking. imagine how on top of his game this guy will be now that he's not doing crack every single night. his memoir comes out soon about living the double life and how he finally had to step away and deal with it. none of this lame dr drew rehab house reality tv junk. this is the real deal.


and i like these fish.


jonsi - go do

love this guy. this is from the solo album of the lead singer of sigur ros (jonsi)

graphic design organization

lorem ipsum.

what is it?

"Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words, consectetur, from a Lorem Ipsum passage, and going through the cites of the word in classical literature, discovered the undoubtable source. Lorem Ipsum comes from sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC. This book is a treatise on the theory of ethics, very popular during the Renaissance. The first line of Lorem Ipsum, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..", comes from a line in section 1.10.32."

why do we use it?

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here is a random lorem ipsum text generator - it's very helpful for nailing down designs. HERE


and here is a nice little grid system website for visually organizing your mess. sometimes you get a client with a ton of text and it's frustrating to try and make it fit within the design, let alone make it visually appealing: this website showcases some creative solutions HERE


pimp my ride

the car i almost got...

but then didn't.

so at the turn of the century saab was in need of an entry level 'luxury sports hatchback' or some weird niche like that - catch was, they needed it right quick. so instead of building one from the ground up - they went to GM (who owned a fat share of saab at this time) and asked for some help. GM set some stuff up with their buddy subaru. one thing led to another and in 2005 this little collaboration car was born. fondly called the 'saaburu' ---- this car was build around the WRX - it's got the same engine and the same frame (minus a few modifications.) saab redesigned the interior with a swedish minimalist mentality (except for the ignition being in the dashboard which is very un-saab like) so basically this is the sexy sister cousin of the WRX. well, turns out that the niche they thought was going to be huge wasn't. i bet if they were to try again it'd do well (considering all the hipsters buying moded scions at the price of BMW's) there were two versions of this car available - the linear (aka crap) and the super dope aero. in 2005 8,000 of these cars were made. less than 4k of them aeros. in 2006 about 4,000 cars were made, half of which were aeros. 2007 - they were discontinued. soooo - these are super beastly to try and get your hands on. well, i found one. in colorado - it was an alright deal, not a great deal and i was super pumped - i called up all the people (my insurance people, the dealer in colorado, my father, blah blah) and had a deal all cut and ready to sign this weekend in which i would be picking up the vehicle and trading in my mazda. ... well i started getting really really anxious about it, i mean like 200 percent more anxious than one should be, and i had no real reason. so i'm taking this as a cue from the universe that something's not in place and to not go through with the deal. mixed feelings about this. it's like the kid that really wants a toy - but it's one of those mystery 5 dollar grab bags at the cash register. is it worth my cash money? is it gonna be as awesome as the toy i already have? do i even need a new toy? i was always the kid that would have issues buying my 'magic the gathering' cards because i hated not knowing if i was gonna get the awesome 'rare' card i wanted or not. i'm not a big fan of 'luck of the draw' - it seems like a foolsih concept to me. who knows - maybe it woulda been an awesome car to have, and maybe who cares - what i've got now rocks

see the resemblance? this is the ugly version by subaru

since then, subaru has put a lot of design work into the WRX hatchback and it's looking pretty fly - they probably realized how crappy their designs were compared to saab's based on the exact same frame and engine back in 2005. this is the 2008(9?) WRX

and that's my car!