for anthony

yes. for you anthony. giraffro loves you too!

and apparently the internet no likey 'HEX: #FF4D00'



hi. i'm a cool ward directory.

hi. i'm boring.

you know the drill. new semester time. new directory time. so i had a little bit of spare time and wanted to make a cool ward directory... apparently mine was too cool. they remade it. no hard feelings - i really don't get upset over this kinda stuff, but really?! come on. mine was SO much cooler AND it was functional. my version is horizontal so the people that actually have to use it can put it in their binders... ingenious. i think i am going to print off 4 or 5 copies of mine and leave them laying around for a few cool people get. supply vs demand theory. (i removed all personal info of the people for these images. did you notice how they changed my picture?! my cookie monster one is so much cooler.)

what a fun sexy time for you

remember that time that i used to doodle all the time? me too. tender. here are some little portraits of people that i've done while eating out or sitting in meetings... my favorite is 'dirty pop' i don't know why, it just is.



my brother and i took a trip to yosemite while we were visiting my grandmother - we only had 16 minutes of video camera battery: this is what we come up with. my little brother wants a beard just like his big brother. it's not really a beard - it's more like scruff that gets out of control 2 or 3 times a month more than a beard...


yes... i did

so i wanted to get out of the house a little today - so i decide to cruise to my usual sunday hot spot: upon arrival, i didn't want to stop driving... so i decided to go to the lake instead. i recalled this super sweet old-school abandoned tree fort (but not in a tree...). once i got there -turns out the road was blocked off (it's kinda in the middle of nowhere) so i park my car and begin a foot adventure. it was really strange because although they were blocked off, the roads were newly paved... about a year ago - and it appeared as if the roads had been blocked off since then. the weeds had completely overgrown the sidewalks - and there were brilliant old fashioned black street lamps reminiscent of a film noir paralleling the streets. it was kinda erie - and kind of helplessly romantic. a communion of nature and the last man on earth. so i walk about a mile out, straight down the middle of the road (which i failed to mention had hand laid red brick crosswalks which were nothing less of spectacular) until i reached the fortress. the weeds had far outgrown their natural boundaries - past my chest in height - the wind whistled through their tangled branches as i tried to find a suitable path towards my fortress as the sun was setting and the golden hour light was transforming the colors around me. it was in this moment that it struck me that i don't like living in the city. weird. i always did. not any more. simple as that. i was hoping that i would be able to find some inspiration, rather, let inspiration find me - what i found was a sharp glare off of my computer screen. so sharp, in fact, that it was difficult to decipher anything on my desktop because of my mug staring back at me. so i tried to double my vision and see both my reflection and my mouse simultaneously - in order to paint over the top of my reflection. it was surprisingly difficult to focus equally on two separate things (take the analogy and run with it.) this is what i came up with. it was fun. it was relaxing. it was beautiful. next visit i plan on bringing some sort of tool to maze my way through the weeds to my fort. 


robot tests

doing some tests for an upcoming project. these are .png's exported into AE and made into this faux3D - which i think is pretty cool considering the fact that they are flat flat flat


robo test

i'm doing some tests for a project that i am collaborating on with some friends - i still need to do the hand of the robot and the chick in it but it's a start - and the whole thing is just a test so i may not get around to actually doing it


aug reel

i finally got around to getting the rest of the goods onto the end july reel - i wanted to get some 3D work in there including some dynamics / mental ray things i have been going over in maya

visual resume

i also have a traditional paper version but i hear these one's are all the new rage. call now and not only will i include the traditional resume - but call within the next twenty seconds and i'll include this limited edition signed resume!!


LA Dodgers

i'm doing some work for the LA Dodgers - hopefully it turns into some more work. this is the thought process i had - basically it took about two days to get my thoughts together. the first draft - i liked the style but not the movement so much. the second draft - i liked the movement but not the style. the third one - i combined the style of the first and the movement of the second and i'm pretty pleased with it (test 2)


raw sketch

i wanted to keep it simple with the original line work. no over-rendering. just two colors. UHhhHHHhhh son. 


oyster collective

logo design for a fake band and a poster for said band. i was thinking of messing with the curves/contrast of the poster but because i was going for a stylized old look i thought it looked better this way.

 i have a strange obsession with lens flares - there is this dope plug in for after effects called 'knoll light factory pro' - it's nothing but tons and tons of sexy lens flares. yesh please.


August 5th

They say elevators are one of those few places where strangers will stand this close. Is it different when there are mirrors? We try to follow the rules and stare straight ahead, but I keep catching her eyes in the reflection and now I want to see them for real.

a really talented friend of mine keeps a site where he makes entries of fifty words exactly. every post. fifty words. cool. 

generally on blogs that are updated regularly, the first thing that i do is look for an entry on my birthday... just to see what they were up to on my big day. apparently sam and i were partying it up on my birthday and never got around to making a post... it's okay though. the nearest post to my birthday is perhaps my favorite out of all of his entries. write your novel already sam!

check it out at: www.fiftywords.com



an acquaintance was sharing with me their views on how in their mind outer space is like an extension of the earth's atmosphere and when you break through that thin layer you're in heaven. it's a very interesting minimalist interpretation. this is my minimalist interpretation of how those words look as a picture 


finally got my scanner working. i have had some downtime between animations and my booming social life (not.) got my wacom tablet from utah this week and wanted to put it to work. i love doing work.


Website Redesign

I was going to make a big post of all the stuff that I did during my internship at Juxt Interactive... but I have to wait until the work that I did there is published by the clients before I can publicly post it here. sorry folks. soon though. until then - here is some redesign work that I am doing on my website. I picked up a lot of Flash while working at the web ad agency... hmmm.... imagine that. Once this bad boy is up and good to go I'll post it here so you know where to see all my neat professional stuff.



somethin somethin

a little somethin somethin i was playing around with in 3D - the plan is to animated the letters tearing out of the glassy crystal thing... when i get around to it


Juxt Motion Reel Intros

Intern Motion from eric armstrong on Vimeo.

Intern Motion 2 from eric armstrong on Vimeo.

these are some concepts i whipped up for a motion reel at Juxt Interactive - i didn't design the logos but everything else was me... my favorite part is in the second one right before the energy beam shoots out - all the particles come to a gradual stop and then take off when the beam fires: i don't the vimeo does frame by frame so you may have to look close




fat post coming by the end of this week

* until i was told i wasn't legally allowed to post the work that i did at juxt for another few weeks/months



eric_armstrong_reel from eric armstrong on Vimeo.

i'm being featured at FITC in canada later this month - i'll post a link to the site once they get it updated: this is a low res version of the mini reel i submitted




these are a couple screenies for a music video that i am working on with some friends in my spare time - there are a few other sweet pics but not young audience friendly. families - isn't is about... time?



logos and ads

werd. just keeping busy in my spare time. i have a lot of animation stuff to post but i'm in the process of loading those up to vimeo first then i'll embed them by the end of the week...




Promo from eric armstrong on Vimeo.

i wanted to put something together that would have some cool camera moves - nothing really struck me other than a silly little promo. i'm shameless 


anticom foley

ANTICOM: foley work from eric armstrong on Vimeo.

i'm adding some sound effects to my film - the score should be done by next week: i'm really excited to get this off to festivals



just having some fun - the wave on the right extends about double: it was just too long but too beautiful of a line to delete - so i made a tacky crop


maya fun

i've neglected maya for too long and it needed some love - and i bought the program for my new laptop: i made this while watching CSI. has anybody noticed that the very first person they interview is almost always the same person who been gone did commited the crime? i have. i got this other program called mudbox - it's like z brush but simplified


izzy and ANTICOM

this is my girlfriend.

i'm having the live action actor from my grad project transform back and forth between live action and 3d in a couple shots where he's having a mental break down. this is a screenie of right before we zoom into his eye



LOGO: music from eric armstrong on Vimeo.

i was playing around with a new plug-in for after effects - you can make it select different audio frequencies and keyframe different attributes - then you link those keyframes to fancy things like... the timewarp effect for example thus making stuff move all cool in beat. yep. and because i am so vain i put my name on the end of this experimental test piece



astronaut from eric armstrong on Vimeo.

astonaut dude for fun - perhaps a fun little project i am working on? he hears a sound but he doesn't know where it's coming from so he's looking around... and then he sees it - A MONSTER! blast blast blast


AE magic

this is a screenshot from AE of the elements i am combining together as a redo shot from my grad project... generally i would at least crop it so it looks nice in photoshop. blah. i blame the economy. everybody else is...