web comic


this comic is amazing. take some time to read it without distractions. should only take about 15 minutes... really really great illustrations!

just to reiterate: this is all 100 percent done by ryan-a


daily inspiration

compliments of shahirzag.com


oh ps. we're live on the BPD with the 2k12 update.

mini roadster

i've always had an internal battle between getting a convertible and a mini. see - i always drive with my windows down... even in freezing temperatures. and i love minis. now i don't have to choose! i think 2012 is my year.


a summary of my holiday

jared. aka - tybalt.

not a big fan of the maple bacon voodoo donut

view from the window in the AM

cutting down the christmas tree. victory!

train station downtown seattle

do people still read like this?