this is a glow bug grenade that i am going to model in maya for the next project - the idea is to make the body semi-translucent so that you can see the glowing liquid inside: using a grenade shell as the texture of the body will be pretty cool i think

i put some glow on them and put them in a neat little layout

i added a simple photoshop filter for kicks to the original composition

if you are going to have a grenade bug... you have to make it explode!

i'm still messing around with the wacom tablet

for our first assignment we had to design and create a teapot using maya - i am rather pleased with what i came up with considering we had 5 weeks to do it and never having touched maya before...

this is a different composition that i used for the first critique it looked cool, but a little too artsy and not enough emphasis on the teapot itself


i took a drawing from class and colored it up a little - i've still got a little way to go with the wacom tablet... i've got further to go with learning to paint.



i have been pretty busy with classes, but about a month ago i got myself i wacom table - this is the first attempt at coloring in a doodle from my sketchbook