for christmas my little sister got the bamboo drawing tablet - it's a really good deal for the price! if i traveled more, i would totally buy one and drag it around with me


so it's christmas eve and i'm just chillin' at home in PA and i made this. i kinda like it for some reason.


one of the drawings that i had the most fun with was this last green one - i did it with ink: everyone in the class was looking at me like i was a weirdo, but people need to relax.

here are some more drawings - less realistic but more fun

this semester i tried to mix my styles up - my main focus was to go for more realistic drawings: but towards the end of the drawings i would feel that i would have to spice it up: or if i wasn't in the mood for it, i would just have fun


this one is my favorite. i just made it righhhhttttt now.

so here is the final project that i turned in - same models but two different images: i feel that i learned quite a bit, but mostly i learned that i don't know squat.


when i want to have a little fun, i like to sketch robots. i'm not very good at it. but it's fun!


i did a new background. simple yet satisfying. i switched out the turbo speed lines for a more serious motion blur of the entire body... i still need to blur the wings. and maybe work with the levels a little bit still.


so i totally changed directions because i am a dork. i thought it would be amusing to use 70's style beehive hair instead of making an actual hive. i need to add some blur to the bugs further towards the back... but i haven't decided how much


i am trying to figure out composition of what the final render will look like... i want to put a door on the hive so that it's more 'readable': i suppose that i'll get around to it sooner or later