my brother and i took a trip to yosemite while we were visiting my grandmother - we only had 16 minutes of video camera battery: this is what we come up with. my little brother wants a beard just like his big brother. it's not really a beard - it's more like scruff that gets out of control 2 or 3 times a month more than a beard...


yes... i did

so i wanted to get out of the house a little today - so i decide to cruise to my usual sunday hot spot: upon arrival, i didn't want to stop driving... so i decided to go to the lake instead. i recalled this super sweet old-school abandoned tree fort (but not in a tree...). once i got there -turns out the road was blocked off (it's kinda in the middle of nowhere) so i park my car and begin a foot adventure. it was really strange because although they were blocked off, the roads were newly paved... about a year ago - and it appeared as if the roads had been blocked off since then. the weeds had completely overgrown the sidewalks - and there were brilliant old fashioned black street lamps reminiscent of a film noir paralleling the streets. it was kinda erie - and kind of helplessly romantic. a communion of nature and the last man on earth. so i walk about a mile out, straight down the middle of the road (which i failed to mention had hand laid red brick crosswalks which were nothing less of spectacular) until i reached the fortress. the weeds had far outgrown their natural boundaries - past my chest in height - the wind whistled through their tangled branches as i tried to find a suitable path towards my fortress as the sun was setting and the golden hour light was transforming the colors around me. it was in this moment that it struck me that i don't like living in the city. weird. i always did. not any more. simple as that. i was hoping that i would be able to find some inspiration, rather, let inspiration find me - what i found was a sharp glare off of my computer screen. so sharp, in fact, that it was difficult to decipher anything on my desktop because of my mug staring back at me. so i tried to double my vision and see both my reflection and my mouse simultaneously - in order to paint over the top of my reflection. it was surprisingly difficult to focus equally on two separate things (take the analogy and run with it.) this is what i came up with. it was fun. it was relaxing. it was beautiful. next visit i plan on bringing some sort of tool to maze my way through the weeds to my fort.