oh em gee

i made some time to this week to head to one of my favorite places in the mall to sketch. i started doodling some unsuspecting passerby's but somewhere along the lines i noticed the lovely architecture... i'm not very observant, i always see things that i think are new which aren't... so instead of drawing people i started scribbling this guy out on my wacom


byu series openers

here are some teasers for a project that i was doing for BYU broadcasting - catch more on blackpepper

shaun barrowes

shout out to shaun barrowes - his music is dope. take a look at his new album coming out in a few weeks

why not?

so i sometimes offer to do little announcements as a ploy to get me out of doing actual work for various committees... and sometimes i have more fun doing it than i should. i don't really work too much in print design - but i like to dabble in it.

working on shizbot 3d

i haven't had any free time. so busy. since i don't schedule free time for eric, i scheduled some for shizbot. <3>