work doodle

last week i was really hungry during a meeting at work - and as usual - i was doodling. i believe that during the meeting we were talking about some blood transfusion thing, and that got me thinking about vampires (which in turn got me thinking about buffy the vampire slayer going berserk on edward: but that's another doodle.) - thus, this little dude came out with fangs.

well, the little doodle managed to sneak it's way into my briefcase, and then into my scanner, and then photoshop (where it got a little love,) and then onto my blog.



thanks to my buddy jake for the heads up on this guy, jon klassen - his stuff is really amazing. check out more at his website: burst of beaden


music videos

are my favorite thing. i love them. i love short stories. maybe their endings are weird. sometimes they don't even have to make any sense at all. but they're cool. here are two cool ones.

i have bieber




so my good buddy joseph carson beck (soon to be 'master beck' [after he gets his MA]) was visiting spain and saw this ad on more than one occasion. he snapped this pic of it and passed it along. loosely translated:

the man of your life... out of your life? SELL IT!

i can't believe that they can post this stuff in public places, but it's really funny - so i'm alright with it


pieced together footage

i shot some footage with my broski - and these are some random pieces put to some random music. ooOOOoo - so interpretive!



the clouds were amazing today. hopefully they are just as great tomorrow for my first time lapse test

if i were a robot - these would be my guts


trebor with a 'b'

my buddy tyler dean and i are making a film - we've got half of the shots done and i'm finishing up some of the edits on the first two scenes. here are some screen shots of what we've got so far. don't mind the gray cropped area - these are screenies at 25 percent directly from AE. it's going to be epic.



this. pony. is terrifying. if you catch your daughter playing with this, you're a goner.

photography side stuff

playing around with the camera. 1: my little brother jared skating it up. 2: me.



i love this show.

and i like this music video.

i apologize for not posting more art - this was originally my art blog, but with work and all i haven't had much time to do art. no free time between the 9-5 and freelance from 5-12. one day i'll get back to art for art's sake. i still keep a sketchbook so sooner or later those will get posted up in hurr.


harvard sailing team

this is brilliant. the harvard men's and women's sailing teams started doing sketch comedy to build up some street cred

who do you think did the best job?