space suit

over the past few weeks i have made some time to be creative again. i miss it. a lot.

here is the original sketch i did during another work meeting. (my scanner is 15 feet away - i'm too comfortable to move to get it - 'in the zone' if you will - this crappy webcam pic will suffice)


guerilla marketing

finally some guerilla marketing. this is how you create a brand! commercials - twitter - youtube. i think that whoever the "dos xx's" man is should jump on this bandwagon.

cool! create a voicemail with the help from the old spice guy

be sure to check out the other responses on the related videos at the end of this one


music video

i am obsessed with this music video. it's done by a french company called wizz - i've been noticing them getting more and more street cred lately. and this video kinda explains why. i wish that they had a breakdown somewhere of how they put this little gem together.

link to WIZZ (english)

'breakbot - baby i'm yours'


crystal castles and a mashup

the name of the song is odd (pap smear [i'll plea ignorance.]) we'll leave it at that. i'm somewhat surprised that this song doesn't drive me insane - but peculiarly i find it pleasing. like an brain numbing intrauditory anaesthetic...

a mashup in honor of lenny kravitz rocking out with that chorus in the streets of new orleans (but has no relation to the incident itself)


screen capture

why are ipads cheaper for ogres?

bless our troops

this. is. awesome! my favorite part starts at 50 seconds. i'm all about these soldiers having some fun on the side to distract themselves from all the tension they deal with throughout the day.

on a side note: i recently read an article about lady gaga sampling some music from a bunch of bands to create 'alejandro' <--- some people are acting like this has never been done before. does this sound familiar?

producer of the decade. right hurrrrrrr (uncensored)