nike street cred

nike is classy. i absolutely like everything about this program that they are hosting

"As part of the lead up to the World Basketball Festival, Nike Sportswear is connecting the Five Boroughs of New York City in a celebration of hoops, culture, and its iconic Air Force 1 sneaker. Nike Sportswear has chosen five ambassadors from each of the five boroughs to participate in 1LOVE, a program that includes a online documentary series, a basketball tournament, and a Manhattan block party takeover."

Not Tonight - Cory Gunz f. Curren$y

Theophilus London - Calypso Blues



gunner stahl. mighty ducks: d3. team iceland penalty shoot out

who is this? oh! gunnar stahl all grown up and living in san diego (in a hotel?) he gives some insider info from on the set of D3

and what do famous child actors do when they grow up? OUCH, CHAWWWWLIE!


this is amazing.

wow. wow. wow!

Between Bears from Eran Hilleli

motion blur advancements in 3d

back in the day the artist would use a technique called 'dry brush' - essentially, they would face motion blur by using a brush that didn't have enough ink for a solid line. now they are getting close to replicating it in 3D - i cannot wait for this software to become public

dj benzi

sick remixes by dj benzi

Benzi x Mick Boogie x D Star - Motivation 3 (Hosted by Mike Posner) from DJ Benzi at Letsmix.com


molecular testing

i'm messing around with AE shortcuts to creating molecular level geometry - this is 3D - one cool thing that i am playing around right now is with the individual particles having transparencies and images inside of those transparencies (if that makes sense...) ---> that way when these all overlap it'd super organic looking. you can rotate this guy in z space and/or use it as a custom particles within another particle system. render time on these frames was about 20 seconds each, and they react to 3D lights

narcoleptic dogs

are hilarious