chiddy bang is my favorite

the original has swears - i edited it. well - technically, i only reversed the curse words - so if you were to play the whole track backwards... you'd hear a lot of nothing and a few curses.

Chiddy Bang-Here We Go (Feat Q-Tip)

and here is a funny vid for your viewing pleasure


eric lala land

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i put this map together with the help of my father about two years ago when i was living down in LA - it was so i could keep track of all of the design houses down there : i had this great little system set up of where i had applied - any contacts i had at each studio with phone numbers - which demo reel and resume of mine they had of file - and when the last communication i had with them was.

feel free to use this map in your own research - no guarantee the contacts listed are still there though. it's an industry of studio hoppers


a shout out to the people and studios that treated me well even when i wasn't necessarily qualified to be talking to them

sony (fun tour - got introduced to lots of people --> mostly because i share the same name as some douche monster who burned a lot of bridges there)

pixar (it was actually my friends who work here that gave me a tour - not the company)

ring of fire (who was SO good to me - they told me they weren't hiring but they still set me up to meet with one of their producers who gave me pointers on my demo reel, talked to me about the industry, and gave me some gear)

the mill (with whom i worked with for a bit - although i didn't last their initiation process for more than a week - 17 hour days washing dishes? really? come on.)

juxt interactive (who was SO good to me as well - and with whom i am constantly in contact)

fuse interactive (who had 3 employees named eric - and recognized andrew kramers background music in my demo reel. skillz)

fuze tv (who has some of the coolest programs on tv)

PSYOP (i wish we could have worked something out - timing was a little off)

motion theory (i was the kid that would call at 11pm and bug you about freelance - and you would email me back every time)

imaginary forces (same as motion theory)

hydraulx (who i visited on errand while at the mill for that week - thanks for the candy)

reelfx / radium (just missed the timing with them as well)


those are just the studios i remember off the top of my head - such talented people.
i am convinced that successful studios are ones that treat people well - even if they are a punk kid with little experience trying to nudge his ways into the big leagues

i think it's about that time to update my resumes on file with the studios down there - can't stop, won't stop. i should probably start going to motion design conferences. i would like that. minus going by myself. i need a motion friend