here is what i am turning in for the critique - i still need to add an environment and fix up the eyes: overall it's a fun image


this is me attempting to mimic vector art.

this is the glowing grenade bug that i am modeling in maya right now: this is just a rough... i want to fix the wings and eyes - for the background i think i am going to do a hive with a bunch of grenade bugs swarming around it: i'll be sure to post the finished one when i finish it in the next couple of weeks


here is the bird which shall be known as 'birdicus' for now... i am thinking to make him look younger: perhaps cutting off the head and moving it down an inch or two and moving the arms lower... this could be a good dad design: give him a bow-tie and viola!

girrafro and 'birdicus' rocking out


my roomie and i are currently trying to get a book idea published... it's about a giraffe named giraffro and he's really good at basketball - but he wants to sing (which is obviously not cool): while singing in the woods, his horrible voice knocks a little bird out of it's nest and it lands in his fro - while on an adventure to find the bird's family - giraffro learns to sing and has a chance to prove it when he accidently gets on stage at a talent show while looking for the baby bird's family. [it has been brought to our attention that it is really similar to high school musical - but too bad, we've never seen it and we're cool so we do what we want!]


i loathe bluetooth headsets. it amazes me how awkwardly people act when they don't know what to do with their newly freed hand... i thought of two things that would be better than waving them around as if the person with whom you are conversing were able to see you - 1. picking your nose with both hands... and 2... i didn't feel right drawing it.


a combination of some little gestures that i did in figure drawing

interview with jared armstrong after getting his widsom teeth out while still under heavy medication from the operation

did anything weird happen on the ride home from the doctor?
i killed a zebra on the way home with a 12 gauge shotgun

because it was looking at me funny

which is your favorite disney princess?
snow white is the hottest because she has all those pimps

what pimps?
the seven dwarves, duh

why are they pimps?
because they wear flaming clothes

how was the doctor?

the doctor was a douche bag - he made me fill out paperwork

where did mom go?

mom had to go pick up my drrruuuuuuggsss - hopefully she went to scranton to get some morphine

how is school?
school sucks how else it would it be

you should buy ratatouille.
i'll go get dad's shoes right now

did you like transformers?

i almost cried when bumblebee got tied up, i had sympathy for him - i wouldn't want to get sprayed down with gas stuff... i would have gone rambo on them

how does your mouth feel?
my gauze is bloody - just the left one... the right one is a champion

you only got two teeth out? what about the other ones?
they said all the wisdom went into my brain

were you nervous about getting the IV?

when they were shooting me up - i asked if that much anesthesia was a good idea and he said he found it on the street, i like it though

(he asked me...)
have you met any hot chickies?... what are you gay now?

is your phone still broken?

dad said he was gonna buy me a new cell phone because i'm so cool - actually he never said that, but i can read his mind

(my father said that he wasn't getting him a new phone)
mom wears the pants in this relationship, dad.

ask mom for some panty hose so that she can tie ice-packs to your face like she did with me when i got m…
EWWWWWWW, i don't want no ho's! well, maybe... we'll see, we'll see, we'll see, we'll see.

final words of council:

Most students want A's, but those whose names begin with C or D have lower grade point averages than students whose names begin with A and B - with an even greater effect if they say they like their initials. That has real-world consequences: students whose names begin with C or D and go to law school attend lower ranked ones than students whose names begin with A or B.

Maybe Eric should have been Alexander Armstrong as Grams suggested. Then he would have been an A pumping out machine.

(side note: i am glad that my initials aren't AA - that would have been a set-up for failure)


i put this picture first because it's the coolest

this is another image from the original that is below this one - i like filters.

this is the original. like KFC - original crispy... or something.

another doodle from my sketchbook that i colored up

i found this strange option in photoshop... it took no work on my behalf, but i thought that it turned out kinda cool looking