giraffro sculpture

this is basically the same story as below. i wanted to go for a nappy kinda sickly giraffro. this one took me about 20 hours... my lady friend and i went to walmart at 1 or 2 in the morning looking for something that we could use as a fro - nothing we found looked right, until we were checking out (we couldn't leave without anything so we bought orange juice and candy) and there was a bin full of 25 cent ear muffs. perfect. i cut that mofo up and stuck it to giraffro's beautiful head.

boxer in briefs

this is a sculpture i did. my roommate noticed it was a boxer... in briefs! thus it is called 'boxer and briefs' - i enjoyed making it. basically i just screwed in a wire frame armature to the piece of wood, covered it in foil, and went from there. i started with the head and worked my way down (it took me about 45 hours) - i think the hardest thing about it was committing to bake it, because after that there aren't many changes that you can make

under armour

i was recently contacted by julian acosta, a director, who was looking for a little help with a commercial spec that he was doing for under armour... i met with him in the local library after he did a presentation about film making and we discussed some of what he was looking for: i wasn't quite sure what to expect because i wasn't familiar with his work - but upon seeing the stuff he had shot and composited i loved it. it's hip and also artsy (but not weird artsy) which i'm a big fan of... but even more than that, it has a modern/efficient feel to it. i like that. a lot. so i was psyched to help out. we basically shot ideas off each other through email, and came to a final piece. i only did the logo (in my most preferido program, after effects). julian did great work with the shots - i took what he provided for reference (the color corrected shots) and kinda composited it how i imagined it in my head... this is not the whole commercial spec (and as mentioned earlier, different than how julian does the spec)... check out his site for it (http://www.j-four.com)


rough skate title stuff

this is a rough rough draft of a sequence i am doing for a documentary by rose card called 'turn it around' - it's about a girl skater down in vegas... i still need to clean a few things up and figure out what the words are (i used 'skate' as a proxy space holder) and get those included ----- the long black screen is space in case some credit type things or a quote needs to go there


giraffro = bad 'A'

this is a sweet project that i did for class - it's our beloved giraffro. the project was blend shapes - if you look closely you'll see i did it on the glasses. ha ha - wow... once again i've proven to outdo myself: but the video ROCKS!



so i saw a sweet video today - and this was my little attempt to mimic it

uhhhh yeahhh 2

this was mostly a learning process for me. i liked it. and you know what i hate? it's the names for the sizes of ice cream at coldstone. like it, love it, gotta have it? really? commmmeeee on. or how about every single time that you force yourself to tell them you want a 'like it' they harass you about it

i'll have a sma... liiiike ittt.
- oh the little baby wants a like ittttt?? you're just a little guy, huh? blah blah blah


uhhhhhh yeah.

this is a little midterm project that i am working on: the picture is compliments of one of my favorite artists, ragnar - the music is compliments of the gym class heroes. i was messing around with displacement maps and thought that it would be pretty tight if i could bring an illustration to life... there are a couple kinks to work out - but i admit, i am a little impressed.