raw sketch

i wanted to keep it simple with the original line work. no over-rendering. just two colors. UHhhHHHhhh son. 


oyster collective

logo design for a fake band and a poster for said band. i was thinking of messing with the curves/contrast of the poster but because i was going for a stylized old look i thought it looked better this way.

 i have a strange obsession with lens flares - there is this dope plug in for after effects called 'knoll light factory pro' - it's nothing but tons and tons of sexy lens flares. yesh please.


August 5th

They say elevators are one of those few places where strangers will stand this close. Is it different when there are mirrors? We try to follow the rules and stare straight ahead, but I keep catching her eyes in the reflection and now I want to see them for real.

a really talented friend of mine keeps a site where he makes entries of fifty words exactly. every post. fifty words. cool. 

generally on blogs that are updated regularly, the first thing that i do is look for an entry on my birthday... just to see what they were up to on my big day. apparently sam and i were partying it up on my birthday and never got around to making a post... it's okay though. the nearest post to my birthday is perhaps my favorite out of all of his entries. write your novel already sam!

check it out at: www.fiftywords.com



an acquaintance was sharing with me their views on how in their mind outer space is like an extension of the earth's atmosphere and when you break through that thin layer you're in heaven. it's a very interesting minimalist interpretation. this is my minimalist interpretation of how those words look as a picture 


finally got my scanner working. i have had some downtime between animations and my booming social life (not.) got my wacom tablet from utah this week and wanted to put it to work. i love doing work.