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house AND art

so i've been having 'fun' buying 'accessories' for my new place - i got a killer deal on some silk trees which i had been in the market for. thanks to my friends for meeting me at the store with your durango so we could toss the trees in the back and get them moved. you guys are the best. you know who you are. here are some pictures of the apartment up to this point. (top left: it still blows my mind how thin my tv is.)

i've got 9 new poster sized prints on the way. i'm more than excited about this. i'm wondering whether someone will give me a deal on 9 frames? the following are the pics (i went with the space theme)

i love this one. i've been saving a spot on my wall for it!

these next two pieces are by cameron moll - a 'local' designer - i appreciate what he's done with the theme. he's made it contemporary / graphic without being disrespectful. any day a call will be coming from the framing store to pick them up.

and the third installment of the 'jessie evan's canvas temple gallery' that i'm picking up this weekend. lady's got skillz. i've already got a spot picked out for this one as well.


lady luck step 2

here is the next step in the process - i haven't quite decided if this is done. i feel like i wanna add some more, but the hardest part is to know when to call it good and to not overdo it. i think it would be really cool to take her hair and turn it into a cherry blossom tree. i'll play around with the idea coming up and post it when i get around to it.


lady luck

work in progress. oh wait, my BYU figure drawing training compels me to draw a bikini on this chick...

oh there we go...

since i have been working full-time (over-time) i haven't made a lot of time to draw. you know that feeling when you feel like you've got creativity being bottled up? yeah. well, this is the love child of my recently freed creativity and the kind of art i have been scoping recently. (been looking at a lot of:

yuki 7 (kevin dart) [website ]

ragnar [ website ]

donnachada daly [ website ]

matthieu forichon [ website ]

kevin brisseaux [ website ]